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Pro-Hokej has heard out Nitra´s objections, Poprad will lose points

POPRAD – HK Poprad will be 3 points shorter once the regular season is over. After Nitra filed a complaint against one of HK Poprad players who joined the game despite being penalised for 4 games, Pro-Hokej as the leading body decided to punish the whole team
Belluš dostal stopku na štyri zápasy.
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Last week, the disciplinary commission of Slovak Ice Hockey Federation considered Martin Belluš´ start for HK Poprad against HK Nitra in the 14th round (3:2) as unauthorised. HK Poprad´s forward will be penalised for 4 games, the hands of Patrik Molotov – club´s manager, will be tied for 2 months.

Belluš had played for Banská Bystrica in the pre-game of the 14th round, before moving to Poprad at the beginning of October. Representing Poprad, he then played the proper game of the 14th round against HK Nitra.

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