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Majoross is satisfied with the last season: We'll be even better in the new one, he says

BUDAPEŠŤ - The head coach of MAC Budapest Gergely Majoross, in an interview for our portal, told about last season and also revealed something about what's going on in the new season.
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Both Hungarian teams will be part of the Tipsport League in 2019/20. In the last season, MAC got to the quarterfinal, where they failed against Zvolen: "It was a good season for us. At the beginning we didn't know exactly what we were up to, everything was new to us. We needed time to find out how it worked, but over time we got into it and the whole realization team and the players did a good job. We got used to the contest and started to play better, we got through the playoffs so we can be happy," rated Majoross in an interview for hokejovysvet.sk.

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In the qualification round, it was especially specific as the trustees of the 39-year-old coach met DVTK Jegesmedvék Miskolc: "Games between DVTK and MAC are always special. We played against each other also in the finals in the last seasons. There was played a really high-level hockey in the series," he continues. Subsequently, MAC Budapest opposed HKM Zvolen: "It's great that we are the first Hungarian team to enter the quarter-finals of the Slovak competition. We are proud of it. But it was not our goal. We worked on gradual steps," he says.

However, Zvolen was over the power of a Hungarian participant: "It was a very difficult series. Zvolen had a great team. But for us it was a great experience and I think we also showed our quality. We fought for every puck, we put everything in it, we played for a hundred percent. I couldn't want more from players, of course, nobody wants to lose and drop out, but over time, we'll only rate this placement positively, " Majoross says.

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The team needs to work on several aspects before the new season, and maybe it will be even more successful season: "There will definitely be changes in the lineup, we need to make our team a little better in defending, to get the quality of the Tipsport League. When we played the Hungarian competition, it wasn't as necessary as now. We need to play safer in the back" he reveals.

The club will go again through the way of Hungarian hockey players, supplemented by quality legionnaires. For example, contracts were extended by Chris Bodó and Chris Langkow, the two most productive men of MAC: "They are important, but Hungarian players who have been getting better, have scored important goals and gathered experience, will get a chance. They will also help us in the new season. I'm glad that most of the cadre seem to stay. I'm sure we will we also want to involve youngsters who have to gather experience," says the head coach Gergely Majoross.

MAC Budapest also added an application to Erste League. They want to build two teams: “Nothing is sure yet. Teams in the Tipsport League and the Erste League will be two different teams. It will be a B-team where we want to have players who can jump into the Slovak competition in case of injury and especially it will be an ideal opportunity for young hockey players from Hungarian junior competition. Jumping from this junior league to the Tipsport League is impossible, so it will be an ideal link, " said Majoross in an interview for hokejovysvet.sk.

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