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Brady Lyle from Providence Bruins talks about his adventure in Slovakia

DETVA - Interview with Brady Lyle, defenseman of HC 07 Detva.
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Why did you decide to come play for Detva?

I decided to play in Detva after my agent came to me with the opportunity to go on loan. With the uncertainty in North America with the AHL season I decided along with Providence that it would be good for me to start playing some games as it was 8 months since my last game.

Did you talk with somebody about the league or the club?

Honestly I didn’t know much about the league or the club before coming over here. My agent and their partners in Europe gave me a little bit of an idea of what to expect but I have just tried to come in with an open mind and embrace the whole experience.

How did you feel in your first game?

My first game went pretty well. As a team it was a big win and being a part of the atmosphere on the ice during the game and in the dressing room before and after the game was something I really missed. Personally I felt alright on the ice, I am capable of much more but adjusting to the bigger ice, a new team and only getting to Slovakia a couple days before the game... it went well and I was happy to help the team get the result we wanted.

What do you think about the quality of Slovakian league?

Having only played one game I felt the quality of the league was high. It’s a different style of hockey than in North America but there are many big fast players that are capable of making plays at a high level. I look forward to learning more about the league and getting more games in.

How long will you play for HC Detva?

I’m unsure how long I will play for Detva. Right now I’m just focusing on taking things one day at a time, taking control of what I can control and enjoying the overall experience. In saying that I plan on doing everything I can to help the team win while I’m here. My teammates, the coaches, and owner have been really accepting of me and helping me learn the way the organization works. So far it has been a very positive and fun experience.

Did you have a chance to visit some places in Detva?

Unfortunately I have only been here during the lockdown so I haven’t had the opportunity to see many places. In saying that me and my roommate Pat Curry have gone for a couple walks and enjoyed the mountains and overall outdoor scenery. It’s great to experience what this part of Europe is like and learn the culture.

In last season you were a very productive player in OHL. What can you say about that season?

Last season was one I will never forget. With it being my last season in the OHL I wanted to take advantage of my opportunity and really focus on taking the next step to pro in my career. Hockey is something I’m really passionate about and want to do for a long time and knowing it was my last chance really kept me grounded. My teammates and coaches in Owen Sound set me up for success and I will be grateful for that forever. Personally I just played with a lot of confidence and worked very hard to not let anything stop me from achieving my goals.

You signed a contract with Providence Bruins. What does it mean to you?

When I signed with Providence it was a great feeling. Talking to Jon Ferguson Jr and hearing what he had to say about me, what my strengths were, where he could see me improving and so on, made me feel very comfortable and like it was the right spot for me in order to continue my career. It really was a day I will never forget. Becoming a part of such a great organization like the Boston Bruins is something to be proud of and I am really excited to get started with the organization.

Who is Brady Lyle off the ice?

Off the ice I am from a small town in Northern Ontario. I enjoy fishing and spending time on the lake in the summer. I like fashion (although mine needs some work) specifically shoes. I’m surrounded by a very supportive family who have had my back my entire career. My parents have been very influential in my life specifically in showing me what hard work is and how to be successful in achieving your goals. My grandfather has been there as well as my other grandparents however he is the only one left. His support has been extreme throughout and I’m very appreciative of him. I’m lucky to have a lot of goal driven friends outside and inside of hockey to keep my life balanced and stay motivated.

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