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Connor LaCouvee: My goal this season is to enjoy it as much as I can

TRENČÍN - Interview with Connor LaCouvee, goaltender of HK Dukla Trenčín.
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Why did you decide to come play for Trenčín?

"I decided to play for Trencin, because I heard it was a great club, with a rich history and passionate fan base. I spoke with our GM and he sounded like an awesome guy."

Did you talk with somebody about the league or the club?

"My agents Tomáš Krejci and Petr Kalus set everything up, they’ve been incredibly helpful."

How did you feel in your first games?

"I’ve felt pretty good in both games, a couple minor things I want to work on, but I‘m feeling pretty good for not playing in 8 months."

What do you think about the quality of Slovakian league?

"I think the league is of good quality. Definitely some strong competition, lots of skill, and different sizing of ice."

What is your goal this season?

"My goal this season is to enjoy it as much as I can! Be present throughout the duration, work hard, be a good teammate, and enjoy the game."

There are a few of your ex-teammates in Slovakian league. Are you in touch?

"I know Stephon Williams who played for Banská Bystrica. I spoke with him about the league as well."

Did you have a chance to visit some places in Trenčín?

"We’re heading to check out the Trencin castle today! But we’ve been in the downtown area and the mall."

During your time in NCAA you played with some great players like Jake Eichel. Was he the best player you played with?

"Yes, I’ve been fortunate to play with a lot of great players! Eichel is probably the best! So fast and strong."

And what about the coach David Quinn. He was in NY Rangers in last two season. How is he?

"Coach Quinn is awesome! A great guy on and off the ice. He knows how to win at every level. He is very detailed oriented and treats his players exceptionally well!

Who is Connor LaCouvee off the ice?

"Connor LaCouvee is a goofy Canadian; he enjoys to have fun. I like to play other sports like tennis, basketball, and golf. I’m big into cooking. I hope to get to do some sightseeing and take in the experience of playing in Europe."

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