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Cowley: My goal is to be the backbone of a winning team in Nitra

NITRA - New number one in the net of HK Nitra si goaltender Evan Cowley, who told for our website about his transfer to Slovakian Tipsport league.
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Why did you decide to sign a contract with Nitra?

I have heard great things about HK Nitra, it has a great history of success, it is a very professional organization and has an incredible fan base.

We heard, that you had offers from Nitra also in last years. Is it true?

We have been in contact a little bit over the last few seasons, I’m glad to finally join the club.

What is you goal in new season?

My goal is to be the backbone of a winning team in Nitra this season, adding to the already successful tradition of the club.

What do you know about HK Nitra?

I’m learning more and more about the city, country and team and an excited to learn more once I get to the city!

Have you ever been in Slovakia?

I’ve never been to Slovakia but I know a few Slovakian Pro’s including Martin Nemcik and Matej Tomek who really helped my decision to come to Slovakia.

How can you describe yourself as a hockey goaltender?

I’m a big goaltender who moves well and competes very hard.

When will you come to Slovakia?

I’ll arrive in the beginning of August to prepare for training camp.

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