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He made friends for life in Banska Bystrica, now he wants to score against Faille, when both are on the ice

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – His collaboration with Éric Faille brought two titles. Guillaume Asselin leaves HC ´05 iClinic Banská Bystrica after two extremely successful years, when he ranked among the biggest stars of Tipsport league. They'll never forget him, under Urpin, now he will wear the jersey of Swiss HC Sierre.
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What was your first feelings, when you came to Banská in 2017?

My first feeling when I came to Banská was that I had no clue what to expect. I never though to play in Slovakia but when I look back on my two years in Banská Bystrica, I couldn’t be more happy that I came to Slovakia.

Which title was harder to win?

The two tittles that we won was something I will remember all my life. I think the hardest one was the first one, because it was game 7 in trencin and it was crazy.

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What is you best memory from Banská?

My best memories from Banská was the slovak people, everywhere we go in the town, people where always so nice and kind to us. And the fans, best fans in Slovakia for sure.

Did you have a opponents, who was hardest?

The hardest was to play in Trenčín, in front of there fans. It’s an old rink with a lot of history there and we always have a tough time there.

What was you best game in Banská?

The best game in Banská was definitely the last one when we won the cup in front of our fans.

What was you best place in Banská Bystrica?

The best place in the city was at Forum where we go eat lunch one or twice a week, the people at this restaurant where really kind to us and at night piano was a good one too.

Will you be in touch with teammates from Banská?

For sure I will keep in touch with the boys, I made friends for life there, like Gabi Gabor.

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Do you know to imagine, that you will back to Banská in future?

I don’t know if I will be back to Banská one day but my time there was unreal.

Did you have a any others offers?

I was talking with some teams but I always want to play in Switzerland and i’m happy to go play for HC Sierre.

What do you expect in Sierre?

Sierre is a young team who just win there way to the NLB, so it will be really fun to play there and to help that team make some surprise and who knows, win a title.

You will play with Eric Faille in same league. Did you talk about it?

Me and Eric talk every week and yes we make fun of each other, I always tell him that I will score when is on the ice.

Do you have any message for Banská Bystrica´s fans?

Thank you Banská Bystrica, it was two magical season, I make friends there for all my life and the people from Banská will always be special in my heart. I will forever be grateful to play in front of the best fans in Slovakia.

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