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Southorn told about amazing time in Banská: I want win a championship with Michalovce, he said

MICHALOVCE - Most productive defensman of 2019/20 season in Tipsport league changed the club. Jordon Southorn sign a contract with ambitious team HK Dukla Ingema Michalovce. Montreal native is looking forward to new challenge. He wants win a championship.
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Why did you decide to sign a contract with Michalovce?

For me, it was where I thought I would be comfortable, and also where the team would compete for a championship. I was talking to a couple players and we decided that this was the right spot for us to play.

Did you have any other offers?

I had offers and interest but everything was put on pause because of the virus. Michalovce showed a lot of interest the whole time and made it very easy for me to decide to sign with them.

Will be a goal of Michalovce to win a championship?

100%. I think if you look at the players they have signed this off season, we will be very strong and with talking to other players we all believe we can compete for the championship.

In the team are few familiar faces. Is it big plus for you?

Yes, it made it much easier on my decision. Talking with Vlado Mihalik and Marek Bartánus when they signed we spoke about playing with each other again. Michalovce contacted me and we came to a agreement. After that we spoke with Hickmott, Šoltés and everything became much easier for us to go together.

How special for you will play against Banská Bystrica?

It will be fun. I still love all the fans in Banská. I know they love hockey and are very passionate for the team. It will also fun to play against old teammates. Fun competition is the best competition.

What can you say about your time in Banská Bystrica?

I will miss Banská, for sure. I had an amazing time there, the Koval´s treated the team well and put together teams to win championships. As a players that is all you can ask for. Again, the fans were amazing. Every game they were loud and passionate. I loved playing in front of them.

What is your best moment from Banská Bystrica?

For me, winning the championship at home in Banská. It was amazing. It is hard to win in any league, so I will always cherish that moment in my hockey career.

When will you come to Slovakia?

I believe we are trying to arrive in the beginning of august, but we will see with the travel restrictions.

What did you do in last months during quarantine?

I have been trying to stay busy. This is the first week in Canada, when they have opened shopping centers and hockey arenas. I am seeing friends and spending time with family. Excited to play hockey again.

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