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Ben Betker: I have unfinished business in Zvolen, goal is win a championship

ZVOLEN - Ben Betker signed a new contract with HKM Zvolen for 2020/21 season. He wants to win a championship. Cranbrook native will spend his third season in Slovakia.
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Why did you decide to sign a new contract with Zvolen?

It was a good deal, both sides got what we wanted. And I feel like I have unfinished business there.

Did you have any other offers?

I had other interest but this is the best fit for me.

Will be a goal of the team win a championship?

The goal is to always win a championship and I think we had a shot last year. I’m excited for the opportunity.

Do you have a personal goal in the new season?

To win a championship and also surpass my point and +\- totals of last season.

Do you know some new guys in the team like Puliš, Stupka...?

Yes, Puliš and I stay in touch, he’s a great guy and I’m excited to play with him again.

Did you talk with new head coach Peter Oremus?

I haven’t talked with the head coach yet but I look forward to meeting him and getting to work.

When will you come to Slovakia?

Sometime in August I believe. If the league starts on time. Not sure what is happening with Covid-19.

What did you do during last months in quarantine?

I enjoyed time with my family, road my mountain bike, and learned to dirt bike which is a new favourite hobby of mine.

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