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Fans of Nitra are by far the best fans in Slovakia and the best fans I’ve played in front of, said McCormack

NITRA - Canadian defenseman Graeme McCormack came to Nitra before season 2018/19. In that year he was important part of the team, who won silver medals. In final was beaten by Banská Bystrica.
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What can you say about season 18/19 generally?

The season was a great experience for me and was good for Nitra as well. For a team with lots of new players I feel like we came together and had a lot of success throughout the year. It was great to play in a hockey city like nitra where the fans were the best I’ve played in front of.

You had your best season in productivite. What it mean for you?

Every season I make goals for development and goals and points and +/- and for the most part I achieved a lot of them so I was proud of that. You always want to do more for the team so there is lots of room for improvement.

What was most memorable moment of the season?

My most memorable moments from the season would probably be scoring the shootout winner in the finals. For a defenceman to do that is rare I think so that was great.

What can you say about fans of Nitra?

I’ve said it all year long but I’ll say again that Nitra´s fans are by far the best fans in Slovakia and the best fans I’ve played in front of. The support they showed us even when we lost in the finals was awesome. They are the heart of the city and the team and we are lucky to have such a great fan base.

Many of your teammates played the play-off in pain. How did you feel?

In playoffs, it’s common for players to be hurt and I think everyone on the team had small injuries. Some players say they are hurt and others keep it to themselves so I think there a lot of injuries that people don’t know about. North American players see injuries as excuses so we don’t like to talk about them.

Can be Nitra happy with silver medals?

I think that nitra deserves to win the championship because of the support from the fans so we shouldn’t be satisfied with the silver. That being said, we are proud to win a silver medal for the city and it shows how hard we worked all season and in the playoffs.

Will you stay in Nitra?

I like playing in nitra and I’m talking with management and my agent and we will see what happens.

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