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It was something I wish to experience again before I’m finished playing, said Jameson Milam about 2016 final

NITRA - HC ´05 iClinic Banská Bystrica and HK Nitra are in the final of Slovakian league for the third time. Both teams won title one time. Their first final in 2015/16 is one of the best memories for defensman Jameson Milam, who scored winning shootout goal of serie in game six.
Jamie Milam Nitraa.
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It's April 22, 2016. Jamie Milam is preparing for the shootout. What´s happening in his head?

That series was tough we were in the finals so quickly, then it was game 6 and in overtime, I couldn’t believe we had a chance to be champions. I didn’t expect to shoot in the shootout but after watching multiple shooters and seeing only one goal scored I turned to face the coaching staff. I guess they saw the confidence in me, Stavjana simply gave me the nod and I jumped the boards. In those moments you aren’t thinking about who is watching you, or the stakes of the moment, I was only thinking about scoring.

What was your first thought after the goal in shootout?

After I came back to the bench and took my place next to my captain at the time Braňo Mezei, and closed my eyes. The rush that we had one didn’t hit me until I was holding the cup.

Are there words to describe what happened after coming to Nitra by bus from Banská Bystrica?

Arriving to Nitra was truly one of my best experiences of my life, that moment made me realize how much those people really loved the club and the sport that I love so much. It was something I wish to experience again before I’m finished playing.

What the championship means to you?

It was my 3rd championship but 1st in Europe. And that prompted me to sign on for another 2 years to play in Nitra, the pride and honor of winning is all I look for in this game. And Nitra is a wonderful place to strive for that.

What is your prediction for this year´s final?

This years finals will be a toss up, Banská holds the title for 2 years and are looking to keep it, I know Nitra has pushed themselves to fight for another championship, as far as who will win. Pome Nitra!

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