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Banská Bystrica´s Mayor Ján Nosko is pleased about Winter Classic

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA - Winter Classic has met with a positive response not only from the public, but also the mayor of the hosting city Ján Nosko, who shared his first impressions with Hokejový Svet.
Ján Nosko primátor Banskej Bystrice o Winter Classic.
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,,I am truly happy to see Banská Bystrica being chosen as the host city for such an interesting event,” commented Noska. On Saturday February 2nd, the city´s football stadium will witness the All-Star game starring a number of Slovak ice-hockey legends. On the following day, the home team will challenge its biggest rivals from Zvolen. ,,Banská Bystrica is an amazing choice, because the locals live through sports. When it comes to the council, we will try to do our best to make this even successful,” promised Nosko at the press-conference.

Richard Lintner had suggested the Winter Classic to take place in Banská Bystrica, an offer which Nosko immediately accepted. ,,Lintner approached me, claiming that Banská Bystrica meets all the requirements necessary. I am very pleased that our sport-loving city will be the one to host the first Winter Classic in Slovak history. Our hockey team has won two league titles in the last two years, so the local environment is perfect for such event,” proudly exclaimed Nosko in the interview with Hokejový Svet.

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